Fitting Bar Tape

Fitting Bar Tape


Fitting Bar Tape


May 2013


Fitting new bar tape? Well here’s a little video containing some useful top tips from high end bar tape manufacturer, Lizard Skins, on how to get it done right and create that pro look on the front end of your bike.


We recently fitted Lizard Skins Durasoft Polymer (DSP) 2.5mm thick bar tape and have to say we rather like the feel of it. Though pricey, its definitely at the quality end of bar tapes and we reckon you would never regret purchasing it when riding.


Lizard Skins on the bike
Lizard Skins on the bike


At this price point you want to be sure that it will last though. So far our new bar tape is holding up well, but we’ll revisit this topic properly in a couple of months to comment on the longevity of the Lizard Skins DSP bar tape.


If we inspired you to get some Lizard Skins DSP, or any bar tape for that matter, then its important to know how to fit it. Here’s an excellent little video which shows you the correct technique to use. We like it as its very similar to our own fitting technique. They even demonstrate a neat figure of eight trick to ensure a smooth wrap around the shift lever hoods.




Lizard Skins Website

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