Fenwick’s Airtight Sealant

Fenwick’s Airtight Sealant

Fenwicks Airtight Sealant


Fenwick’s Airtight – tyre sealant that promises to help you go tubeless.


We went into this review with one aim, to go tubeless with non-tubeless or non-UST (Universal Standard Tubeless) as they are known, cross tyres, but came out of it with a totally unexpected outcome.

Cyclocross has been dominating affairs here at CycleTechReview.com for a while now. It’s fair to say that most of the team here are obsessed by it. Consequently tubeless cyclocross tyres have been something of a dream of ours.

Rob started it all with his Clement PDX review in which he reckoned he could get a clincher tyre to perform like a tubular if he could get it to go tubeless… Fenwick’s Airtight seemed to be the answer and so we approached Zyro to provide some for us to review.

We then spent a lot of time and effort using it to go tubeless. Did it work? Well the short answer is yes…. Read More >
















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