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Thursday, November 21st, 2013


Shimano Disc Brakes in Cross


By Simon Whiten


Shimano promotes the future being Disc Brakes in Cross


There’s a lot of positive spin in this video from various Shimano sponsored riders but is there any substance to it?


It would seem that if proof were needed of how good discs can be in the right conditions, then look no further than Van De Haar, who has already claimed two rounds of the World Cup riding a disc brake equipped bike – or was that just down to fitness, with the Dutchman enjoying better condition than his rivals?


Shimano Disc Brakes


Albert talks about the ability to brake so much later into corners, though surely the conditions dictate how late you brake? And Nys mention being able to stop, but when was that ever important in a race?


Shimano Disc Brakes


Beyond that it’s interesting to hear that Albert thinks that in 2-3 years all of the pros will be on discs and Nys suggests it will suit more aggressive course design and riding to make the sport even more appealing to the spectators.


We all know that Nys has tested disc brakes but has yet to fully commit to them, citing weight as his main concern. No mention of that here though as all the riders interviewed preach that the future is disc shaped. Despite our apparent cynicism above, just for the record, we happen to agree.

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