Clement LAS Cyclocross Tyres

Clement LAS Cyclocross Tyres


Clement LAS Cyclocross Tyres


By Rob Allen


Review of the Clement LAS cyclocross clincher tyre


The LAS is the cyclocross file tread offering from Clement. Though it is a 33mm tyre, like all Clement clinchers it comes up pretty large (36mm on our Stan’s test wheels) which contributes to a floaty feel and the ability to run nice low pressures. The rubber is tackier than other treads to the touch and the centre knobs are graded, being higher towards the edges and lower in the middle, which Clement claims helps rolling performance.


Clement LAS Tyre




Pavement (5 out of 5).: The LAS, as expected, rolls easily and quietly on the black stuff. Despite the relatively tall (for a file tread) side knobs, it corners predictably too, although care needs to be taken in the wet where we wiped out on at least one occasion.


Hardpack and dry grass (5 out of 5): The Clement is a more forgiving ride in these conditions than some with its combination of float and supple casing. It grips well in the turns and it was all we could do to get it break loose. There’s also plenty of grip and little drag in a straight line.


Wet grass (3 out of 5): As we moved further away from fast, dry conditions, the LAS unsurprisingly started to struggle a little. It was possible to get it to break loose in a straight line under braking or when full gas out of the saddle. We lost the rear a lot in the turns, and once, spectacularly, the front as well. Use with care in these conditions, or mixed courses featuring them, and maybe consider pairing an LAS rear with an intermediate front.


Sodden grass and light mud: (2 out of 5). At this point the LAS is well out of it’s comfort zone, even as a rear only. The only consolation was that compared to some others the LAS telegraphs its intention to let go pretty clearly, rather than just snapping. We were grateful for that but had little confidence and were happier with an intermediate or even a mud tread.


Mud (1 out of 5): The LAS was predictably overwhelmed by the mud. It’s not designed for mud, so don’t try, unless it is a mainly dry course with a very short muddy section. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Final thoughts:


The LAS is a fast and grippy file tread on a supple casing. It works well in classic file tread conditions and can operate further outside of that window than some of its competitors. We found pairing an LAS rear with an MXP front was a particularly effective combination in wet grassy tracks that also had some fast dry sections. We were able to run the pressure low (25psi) with no pinch flats although we did get debris related punctures on a number of occasions which tallys with our experience of other Clement carcasses – but that is really the only drawback we can think of (nothing a bit of sealant can’t handle, such as Fenwick’s Airtight that we’ve been using). Another great tyre from Clement.


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