De Rosa Merak

De Rosa Merak


De Rosa Merak


Words by Paul Hopkins


Ugo De Rosa started making bikes back in 1953 after a successful career as an amateur racer, but it was to be as the founder of De Rosa bikes that he was to achieve success.


After studying mechanics and engineering, he opened a shop and began manufacturing his own bikes. After Raphael Geminiani asked Ugo to build him a bike, other professional riders approached him; riders such as Gianni Motta and the Cannibal himself, Eddy Merckx. So we can safely assume that here was a man that understood bikes.


As the De Rosa business grew he employed his three sons to help run what was now a successful international business. De Rosa’s road range now comprises 13 bikes – mostly road racing bikes, but also a time trial and a track bike – in carbon, aluminium, steel and titanium; something for everyone…Read More >


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