Airstreeem Race SL

Airstreeem Race SL


Airstreeem Race SL


After spotting the Airstreeem Race SL at the London Bike Show, Paul Hopkins got to test it on his local climbs which though not quite Alpine in length, made up for it with some proper mountain weather conditions…


Airstreeem are a relatively new company, launching in 2008 in Salzburg, Austria. After racing for 11 years with teams like KTM, the founder Stefan Probst decided to step back and concentrate on his cycling business. He had been producing wheels for local cyclists and triathletes, including his brother – who won the Austrian TT championships on an early Airstreeem prototype – who he teamed up with, and alongside Paul Farrell, an Australian carbon fibre specialist, they went on to produce a range of high end frames and wheels; budget or starter bikes were not on their list…(continued on page 2) >


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