LOOK S-Track Race Pedals

LOOK S-Track Race Pedals


LOOK S-Track Race Pedals


Words by Paul Hopkins


April 2013


The new LOOK S-Track Race Pedal boasts the largest shoe/pedal contact area on the market and should run clogg free. We will be trying a pair out on the mud and chalk of the South Downs.


I’m looking forward to trying out the Look S-Track Race pedals after this winter’s soggy cyclo-cross campaign. Anything that helps me get the power back on after a re-mounting the bike will be greatly appreciated. If you’re a ‘cross rider, or just like riding in thick mud, you’ll know how annoying it can be when you try to click back in to your pedals and….nothing. Just stomp, stomp, swear!


Look S Track Race pedals
LOOK S-Track Race pedals


LOOK’s new S-Track pedal and cleat have been designed to optimise power transfer and mud clearance. The first it addresses by giving you a large stainless steel platform to pedal on, 200mm² no less. Look also include a number of wedges, 0.5-2mm thick, that can be used to raise the cleats to a point where your cleat and your shoes tread are resting on the pedal platform. When you have both cleat and tread on the platform, then the area you have to press down on is increased to 460mm². This larger area should prove more comfortable and stable.


LooK S-Track cleats and shims and spare bumpers
LOOK S-Track cleats and shims and spare bumpers


Mud clearance is dealt with by the very open pedal design, that should allow very few places for mud to collect and the DCS (Dynamic Cleat System) cleat has a cut out on the front edge to allow the mud to clear. There are also a couple of elastomer ‘bumpers’ built in to the cleat, plus spares in the box; a nice touch. These are designed to provide a solid contact with the pedal surface and stop any unwanted play.


Our LOOK S-Track Race pedals came in at 148g per pedal, which makes it lighter than the previous Quartz pedal that it is replacing. The S-Tracks will be available in 3 versions: the S-Track which has a composite body and deflectors; the S-Track Race (which we are testing) comes with an injected carbon body and aluminium deflectors; and topping the range is the S-Track Carbon Ti that has an injected carbon body and deflectors, with a titanium spindle.


An extra clever option for the S-Track pedal is the S-Track Cage. This comes in two halves and can be quickly screwed together, giving you a larger, more comfortable pedaling platform.


The S-Track Cage
The LOOK S-Track Cage


I’m looking forward to trying out the S-Track Race pedals on some upcoming Ultracross events and summer ‘cross leagues. Hopefully there’ll be enough mud to fully test them! In the meantime watch these videos from LOOK detailing the S-Track pedals.




LOOK Website




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