Campagnolo 80th Anniversary

Campagnolo 80th Anniversary


Campagnolo 80th Anniversary


Campagnolo recently launched a special website to celebrate their 80th anniversary with the people who ride their products. Plus they have created a very special anniversary groupset…


Campagnolo are by far the most successful component manufacturer in cycling. Founded by Tullio Campagnolo in 1933 in Vicenza, the company created many of the things we take for granted today, such as the quick release and derailleur gears. In fact, Campagnolo has been awarded over 135 patents for innovations in cycling technology.


This innovation translated into sporting success and it wasn’t that long ago that Campag enjoyed almost total dominance of cycling componentry on most amateur’s bikes, perpetuated by success in the biggest races including a stranglehold on Tour de France winners; starting in the late ’60’s, it wasn’t until 1999 that Shimano managed to break Campag’s grip on the Tour.


Campagnolo’s modern groupsets are electronic, carbon fibre works of art and of course they were the company to start the current arms race to go 11-speed. All that means that Campag have an awful lot to celebrate… (continued on page 2)>


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