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June 2013


Many of us dream of starting our own bike brand but only a few brave souls actually have enough drive to bring that dream to fruition. Aprire Bicycles was founded in 2009 by active road racer, Phil Dempsey, currently a 1st Cat racer and soon to be chartered engineer.


He spent 2 years designing and developing frames before first putting them on sale in 2011. He has some bike industry expereince, having previously worked for FUNN, Hayes brakes, Banshee and Marwi Ti spokes all over the globe, until returning to the UK with the intention of starting Aprire.


Currently Aprire produce 3 framesets: a high end road race frame, an entry level road frame and a time trail/triathlon frame. All 3 frames are designed in the UK by Phil. The top end frame – the Vincenza – is made in Italy and the two other frames are produced in two locations in China. All three factories were hand picked for their quality and ability by Phil, and also produce frames for most of the bigger brands.


Aprire Vincenza


The new 2013 frames will be ready in June. Customers will be able to choose from custom colours for the graphics for a nominal fee, as well as any finishing kit/groupset they want, and have measurements taken to ensure the frame fits correctly. Expect to see a bike on test here at CycleTechReview.com soon.


For more information see the Aprire Bicycles website.


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