Campagnolo EPS

Campagnolo EPS


Campagnolo EPS


When you think of electronic shifting you might think Shimano Di2. Well SunTour actually brought out an electronic system as early as 1990 and many older readers will remember Mavic’s high profile system of the 1990’s which Chris Boardman rode in the Tour de France. However, it might surprise you to know that Campagnolo started developing their electronic shifting in 1992. Obviously its come a long way and prompted by one man’s lust, we take a look at just what Campagnolo EPS can do.


We won’t mention any names but someone here, for reasons lost on the rest of us, often fondly remembers the old days when we were racing in shorts with proper ‘window cleaner’s’ chamois perched on heavy steel frames, spinning heavy wheels with brakes that failed to stop you effectively and helmets made of a few strips of leather. It was a time when just about everyone was equipped with Campagnolo kit (as if by way of some sort of punishment, we now force him to race on a Shimano Ultegra equipped bike).


However, as we all know you often choose your groupsets with your heart and none more so than once bitten by the Campagnolo bug. So this particular someone still harbours a dream: to own Super Record. But recently that dream has changed and is now electric…(continued on page 2) >









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