Fit-Wet Water Cycling

Fit-Wet Water Cycling


The Fit-Wet water cycle


16th October 2012


In a hurry after a turbo session? Not enough time to shower before rushing off to your next appointment? Well here’s a way to kill to two birds with one stone – train in the bath with Fit-Wet!


You may have seen aqua-aerobics offered at your local pool and even read of some athletes using water based exercises to aid in injury recovery, but this has to be a first.


Fit-wet have taken the idea of using the extra resistance offered by water (up to 12 times more) and applied it to the exercise bike. So it is essentially an exercise bike fitted into a ‘hot tub’.


Now we must admit that we had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April the 1st, but Fit-Wet are totally serious, just check out their rather cringe-worthy promo video.


Of course there is a market for this and we can see it scoring with physios and sport injury centres. We can also imagine Man Utd and other big money footie teams investing in them for player rehab. Also don’t be surprised to see Wiggins in one in the back of the Team SKY bus at the Tour in 2013…you heard it here first!


Fit-Wet seem to envisage buyers of this having some futuristic bathroom with TV screens and so on, but for the cyclist the ultimate would be to have this set-up next to or even in your hyperbaric oxygen tent.


Fit-Wet recently unveiled a prototype at the Interbike expo in Las Vegas (see the second video), so if you live in the US at least, you can expect centres to open near you some time soon…




Fit-Wet Website


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