Ass Savers Mudguard

Ass Savers Mudguard


Ass Savers SmartAss


Storable mudguard for those will it or won’t it days


Posted 16th October 2012


Ass Savers sum it up best themselves: “SmartAss, an emergency fender that’s there when you need it, gone when you don’t.”


Winter’s on its way which here in the UK means rain and usually lots of it, so we thought this was the appropriate time of year to tell you about Ass Savers. Sometimes you just see something that is sheer genius even if the name is a bit on the crude side. It does what it says on the tin though and will stop your ass getting wet.



It is aimed at the commuter market but is the sort of thing that a serious cyclist could take on a winter training ride stored in the recommended position under the saddle or, if you worry about losing it, in the back pocket of the jersey.


The Ass Savers SmartAss can be fitted quickly in the event of wet roads to keep at least some of the crap off. It cleverly clips onto the rails of your saddle without the use of any tools and only weighs 15 grammes.


The Ass Savers SmartAss has to be unfolded and then refolded to fit or store but apparently is good for around 10,000 folds before it will finally fail, at which point it can be recycled and may even go making new AssSAvers. How green is that?


Of course its also made for the most part from recycled polypropylene, comes in a wide range of colours and is only €3.50. Note though that some of the colours are not made from recycled material so to be truly green you’ll have to forget about matching your team kit and bike, and go plain.


The Ass Savers, designers of the SmartAss, hail from Gothenberg, which they claim to be the wettest city in Sweden, but interestingly also have offices in Amsterdam and San Francisco, and claim “none of us has matured past the point of twelve year old boys”…explains the name then.


Nonetheless its a great product and is available online direct from Sweden.
US $8.95
UK £5.57
Eur €6.91
P&P is €3.50 worldwide


Watch the video to see exactly how it works…



Ass Savers


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