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Ass Savers Extended


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Ass Savers Extended mudguard is launched with Rapha Condor JLT


I recently rode a very wet national championship event and were I not an eternal weather optimist, I might have been better prepared with a rain jacket, some arm warmers, maybe even a waterproof jersey or perhaps even an Ass Saver. The latter may seem quite odd and I was surprised to see one rider in the race did have one protruding from the back of his bike. Having written about them back in 2012 here I decided that it might be time to have another look and then this press release lands in my inbox about a new version called the Ass Saver Extended…


Rapha Condor JLT Ass Saver Extended
Rapha Condor JLT Ass Saver Extended


After first coming to prominence at the very wet 2013 Milan San-Remo and being used regularly since then in wet races by both Lotto-Belisol and Belkin, the Swedish, Gothenburg based company, Ass Savers have launched a proper road model called the Ass Saver Extended, which will debut with the British Rapha Condor JLT Pro Cycling Team. Now I wonder why they chose a British team to start with..?
We are told that this new addition to the Ass Saver’s mudguard lineup is the result of arduous R&D. It features a lengthened tail when compared to the urban/fixed-gear focused Ass Saver Original and employs a patent pending front rail attachment system which means that it just snaps into place on the saddle’s front rails in seconds and requires no tools. It’s designed to fit all saddles with standard rails, including carbon rails.

Ass Saver Extended is stiffer and longer than the original
Ass Saver Extended is stiffer and longer than the original

The Extended design sees 30mm added to the length which makes a significant difference when taking into account the angle of spray coming off the wheels. It does not fold to store under the saddle as the folding for easy storage feature of the original limited the length. The lack of a horizontal fold also slightly increased rigidity. The Extended’s full dimensions are 370 x 110 x 0.8 mm, weighing just 18 grams and is made of tough polypropylene.
No surprise that they chose a British team to start with, given our weather...
No surprise that they chose a British team to start with, given our weather…

The Ass Saver Extended is currently being used by the Rapha Condor JLT Pro Cycling Team during the Tour of Korea which runs from June 8th to June 15th. The RCJ Team Edition sports a tidy black and white design with a pink stripe, inspired by the team’s distinctive kit.
“Road cyclists have always used our products, but after Ass Savers were used in the pro peloton during the 2013 Milan-San Remo race we started to see a significant rise in interest that has never gone away. Feedback from a lot of riders was that you don’t fold away them anyways, when you’re training or racing you put them on or you don’t,” says CEO, Staffan Weigel.
Rapha Condor JLT Directeur Sportif, John Herety says, “Ass Savers do what they say on the tin, save your bum. On long days in the saddle you need to be focusing on the racing or your training ride not on your damp derrière. The new extended road model is perfect way to keep the rain off and performance up.”
The Ass Saver Extended retails for €7.99 and comes in seven colors. The Rapha Condor JLT Team Edition Ass Saver Extended will only be available as a giveaway from the team…


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