Cyfac Frame Production

Cyfac Frame Production


Cyfac Frame Production


16th October 2012


By Paul Hopkins


New world tech, old world values


A couple of videos showing the love and care that go into producing Cyfac frames.


Cyfac was founded by Francis Quillon and his wife in their garage. Quillion was a successful amateur racer, riding for the national team, and whilst working for one of his sponsors, a bike manufacturer, he learnt enough to begin repairing team-mate’s bikes and then started building his own. Soon word got around and he was building frames for pro riders but spraying them to look like their sponsors products.


Now Cyfac are based in La Fuye, in the Loire Valley, France, where they produce road, track, cross and mountain bike frames in all manner of materials.


Cyfac offer their own fitting system in conjunction with the Lyon Center of Sports Medicine and have a fully-customisable factory delivery programme that they call “LE VOYAGE”.


As well as choosing the frame, the colour and all of the accessories you also get a Cyfac Factory Tour, two nights at a beautiful Loire Valley chateau, a guided bicycle ride with Cyfac staff and/or a local pro, plus wine tasting and a cave tour, Cyfac team kit and, as if that wasn’t enough, a Cyfac signature bottle of Loire Valley wine complete with your frame serial number and name. Now that’s a bike purchase to remember!


Rather than using carbon lugs, as Colnago do with their top frames, or producing expensive moulds for monocoques, as with most other manufacturers, Cyfac cut and mitre the tubes then join them together using epoxy tacking (gluing). They then hand wrap them in a layer of kevlar reinforcement before finally applying a carbon wrap.


Watch these videos and you’ll see why buying a Cyfac frame is considered such a big deal – it’s watching craftsman produce a beautiful piece of bespoke art.



The second video shows a frame going through the paint process, which again is pleasingly machine free and involves endless layers of masking tape. Of course, Cyfac also offer a custom paint option on their website.



Cyfac (France)


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