Pinarello crash testing

Pinarello crash testing


Pinarello crash testing


Posted 12th October 2012


Have you ever wondered just how strong your carbon frame is? This video showing the Pinarello crash testing procedure might go some way to allaying any fears you might have…


Its up to Ervio Borghetto from the Pinarello LAB to take us through the actual Pinarello crash testing process in this video.


As with anything involving the word ‘test’ there is some structure here with phase 1 testing the frame against typical pedaling forces.


If it survives that, the Pinarello crash testing team then get down to the real business in phase 2 with crash simulation tests, of which there are three parts.


Test 1 simulates a crash into a ditch to test the strength of the seatpost and seat-tube juncture using a few very heavy weights straight off of Ervio’s barbell representing a typical rider.


Test 2 is a ‘medium’ speed frontal crash test with the fork fitted in the frame and movement of the whole unit permitted to test the strength of the fork and head tube arrangement.


Test 3 is yet another frontal crash with the fork fixed in position this time to test the overall strength of the fork in its own right. Not sure what the other fork is that they use as a benchmark but is doesn’t do so well…


Its fairly straight forward testing but is very interesting none the less. Its also reassuring to know that this sort of thing goes on beyond just relying on computer simulations during the design process.


Only thing is, as many of you will no doubt know, cycle crashes are seldom straight forward and we are still looking for a video of the more rigorous ‘put-the-bike-on-a-roof-rack-and-drive-head-long-into-the-car-park-barrier’ test.



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