DT Swiss E 1800 Spline preview

The DT Swiss E 1800 Spline is your every-day wheel. Not so heavy that it’s a chore, but not so precious you have to wince at every pot-hole.

Super light-weight climbing wheels, deep-section aero wheels, pick the right one for the job. For a lot of us that job is getting to work, or a training session. For those kind of rides you want something robust and reliable. Something like the DT Swiss E 1800 Spline!

The E 1800 Spline uses DT Swiss' 370 hub
The E 1800 Spline uses DT Swiss’ 370 hub

DT Swiss say these wheels are for “the daily commuters, navigating their way through the city” or those who “who burn up the miles during their daily training rides”. I must admit I’m a big fan of saving your “good” wheels for race day. I’m always telling myself that riding slow wheels during training will make me faster on the day!

The E 1800 Spline wheels have aluminium rims that come in two heights, 23 or 32mm. The 23mm rims are joined with a sleeve-joint, while the 32mm ones are welded. The internal width is 20mm and they’re 24mm wide. Front and rear have twenty-four DT aero comp wide straightpull spokes, with aluminium nipples. And at the heart of the wheel is a 370 3-pawl hub.

A closer look at the 370 rear hub on the E 1800 Spline
A closer look at the 370 rear hub

There are six versions of the these wheels, two front and four rear. Options for the front are only on height. Head to the rear and there’s a SRAM XDR RD or Shimano freehub version to choose from in either height. All versions come with a 12mm thru-axle, have tubeless-tape installed and valves are included. Weight for the wheelset on the website is from 1651g.

You can watch my unboxing below.

We’ll be trying out a set of these over the coming weeks and will let you know how they perform.

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