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Velocite RT50 full carbon tubeless clincher


Velocite join the tubeless revolution.


Velocite RT50 029
Velocite RT50 are the latest entry into the tubeless category.


Could this be the year that tubeless road tyres finally come good? Maybe it will and the good folk at Velocite obviously believe in the technology as they have released the RT50 wheelset, which is their entry into the tubless clincher market.


Constructed from 3K carbon fibre, the RT50 has a 50mm deep symetrical aerofoil rim. This combined with a 23mm wide rim bed is meant to form an aerofoil with the tyre, once it’s installed, forming the leading edge.


Velocite RT50  rim
Velocite RT50 rim


The resin used in the RT50 rims was found to be able to resist temperatures up to 192.8ºC before the carbon starts to degrade. This is called a High TG resin. High Tg standing for High Glass Transition Temperature, which is the point at which the resin and fibre start to fail. If you watch the video at the end of the article, you’ll get an idea of the kind of testing the wheels have gone through. We were particularly impressed by the thought of a 20km, 50kph sprint!


The rims are clear coated with a matt finish and reflective, removable decals, so if you don’t want them you can remove them and replace them with your own home made ones? The wheels will be available sometime this month and Velocite are updating their website to include a list of dealers and test centres. You will also be able to buy direct from the site.


Velocite Gram hubs
Velocite Gram hubs


Velocite use their Gram hubs with 20/24 straight pull spokes, radially spoked on the front. The Gram hubs have a cold forged alloy body, which is then CNC machined and has what is currently the widest flange spacing on the market, 68mm for the rear and 72mm front. Maintenance should be straight forward, with only a 5 and 8mm allen key needed to disassemble them.


Weighing in at 1630g for the set, without the tubeless fittings, the RT50’s are £1499. We should have a pair of RT50 wheels to test soon and will let you know what we think of them and the tubeless revolution. Until then, vive la Revolution!



Velocite Website

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