Alé R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey preview.

The Alé R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey shouts “SUMMER” in no uncertain terms.

With the days lengthening and the temperature slowly creeping into double figures, it’s time to check out the Alé summer wardrobe, which we previewed. Forget fleece and rain-proofing, it’s sun-block, aero and cooling we want now: hopefully. And the Alé R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey is a pure summer jersey.

The Alé R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey in Navy Blue
The Alé R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey

This incredibly light (105g) jersey uses silver yarn in the fabric. Alé claims this gives the R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey anti-odour, anti-bacterial and anti-static qualities. And because it’s a property of silver, not an added treatment, these effects won’t fade with time or washing.

Alé have made the R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey from two fabrics. The main body has 93% polyester, 5% other fibres and 2% elastane in it’s construction. On my dark blue jersey, the silver yarn can be seen as a scale-like pattern. Hold the jersey up and it’s see-through, you’ll need to apply sun-cream when wearing this jersey! Alé say the fabric chosen for the R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey is designed to dissipate heat and keep your core-temperature consistent on long hot rides.

On the rear of the jersey are three pockets which are cut from the same material as the side panels. This gives a nice contrast to the other pockets and makes the reflective Alé logo stand out. The fabric used here is a 85% polyester and 15% elastane mix: presumably no silver here. It has a rectangular pattern weave and is a darker blue colour. The sleeve cuffs aren’t sewn or laser-cut, instead they look to have been folded and an adhesive tape used to keep them in place: a neat finish that wont fray and isn’t bulky.

Behind the top of the zip Alé have added a gaurd to stop any chafing. A Silicone gripper runs all the way around the bottom of the R-EV1 Silver Cooling Jersey, so it should stay in place. There are also reflective details on both and a small rubber Alé on the right chest. This makes for a very classy and understated jersey: unlike previous Alé have designs which have been bright and bold! I have the Navy Blue colourway but you can get it in a total of seven solid block colours. I’ll be praying for suitably hot weather to try this jersey out in and will post a review then. Head over to the Alé website to see their whole range of clothing.

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