Alé R-EV1 Future Warm Jacket preview

The future is warm, the future is the Alé R-EV1 Future Warm Jacket!

Ok puns aside, the R-EV1 Future Warm Jacket from Alé looks to be the kind of jacket to keep you riding through the winter. Alé say it’s recommended temperature range is 2°/14°c, which should see you through winter and early spring. It is part of the R-EV1 range, which has some of their most innovative products.

The Alé R-EV1 Future Warm jacket comes in five colours
Alé R-EV1 Future Warm jacket

This smart black jacket has that distinct rustle to it that tells you it’s waterproof: of course it is, it’s a winter jacket! While it doesn’t always rain in the winter, you know you have to have some water-proofing on a winter ride. While black does go with everything – meaning matching your outfits won’t be a problem – if I’m riding on a dark night I’d want something a bit brighter. Saying that there are some lovely touches of colour on the Future Warm jacket. Vivid flashes of yellow line the rear pockets and when you unzip the front there’s a yellow inner that smacks you in the retina!

Body Mapping system

While those discreet touches of colour are nice, Alé have added reflective logos to the rear pocket and sleeves. The whole jacket has been cut using the Alé Body-Mapping System. The idea is to use the best materials for when a rider is on the bike, providing the best fit and protection. With the exception of the inner-arm and sides of the body, the R-EV1 Future Warm Jacket is made from a bonded DWR fabric. This has heat-sealed hems and a storm-guard behind the zip to prevent water creeping in. This fabric has a rubbery feel to it, so you’ll definitely want a base-layer underneath.

The R-EV1 Future Warm jacket has an inner layer that can be zipped
There’s an inner front layer that can be opened or closed to control your temperature

The sides of the body and the inside of the sleeves have a fleece finish, presumably to allow a better fit. The sleeve cuffs have a raw laser-cut finish to them, with no adjustment other than the elastic nature of the material. It’s most unusual feature for me is the second internal layer. Open up the jacket and there’s a full-length zipped chest piece. This bright yellow inner layer is meant to add some extra temperature control to the jacket. Too hot on a climb? Open it up. Too cold on the descent? Zip it back up. It seems nice and simple and it will be interesting to see how it works on a ride.

Any other colours?

Other touches include an extended collar, which has a soft inner face for comfort. The dropped rear hem has a silicone gripper, but not on the front. The zip has a cam-lock, so it won’t undo unless you flick it up. Overall the R-EV1 Future Warm Jacket looks like being a great winter jacket, with loads of features. And if you’re not keen on black, it comes in four other colours. If the weather allows we’ll review it over the spring and let you know how it behaves. You can see the jacket on the Alé website here. And if you want something for the warmer weather we are reviewing their R-EV1 Silver Cooling jersey.

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