Alé Hammer bib shorts review

I’ve been using the Alé Hammer bib shorts for all my riding this spring. Everything from long road rides, muddy Mtb races, to long dusty gravel races. They’ve been the perfect companions.

These Alé Hammer shorts are part of the R-EV1 range, where they use all their latest materials and construction methods. They’re aimed at riders that want shorts for “daily training and long summer rides”. Well as I said I’ve used them for everything this spring and they have handled it all with aplomb.

The Alé Hammer bib shorts front and back view
The Alé Hammer bib shorts

The Alé Hammer are a plain looking pair of shorts, no fancy panels, radio-pockets or contrast panels here. Just a plain pair of sensible black shorts. The kind that will match any of your jerseys, after all black goes with everything, yes? That is until you take a look inside. The pad is a bright acid yellow, you can’t miss it. There is a reflective logo and some small reflective dots on the rear to help pick you out at night. These and a small yellow rubber logo are the only decorations.

Body-Mapping system

The leg cuffs are raw-cut without any grippers, but this didn’t stop them from staying put. I’ll put that down to Alé’s Boddy-Mapping system and the Airfix material they’re made from. Alé use Body-Mapping to design their clothing around the position a rider will take up on the bike. So as I rode I wasn’t having to fiddle with the fit of my shorts. This is always a sign of a good pair of shorts, if you’re not even aware of them then they’re doing exactly what you need.

Alé Stripes Air fabric

The main body of the Alé Hammer shorts are made from their Airfix fabric. This has a soft matt feel to it and Alé say it’s fast-wicking and mildly compressive. Luckily I managed to avoid riding in the rain with these shorts, so can’t attest to the former, but they do dry quick on the washing line! As to the compression, well they do have a pleasantly firm fit. I’m 172cm tall and 63kg and was wearing a size medium.

8 HF pad

A big part of the Alé Hammer bib shorts being so comfortable is down to the 8HF pad. This bright yellow chamois has a dimpled top layer and generous padding: around 15mm on my callipers under your sit-bones. The side wings are a lot thinner, which Alé says allows it to follow your body’s movements. There’s also a thinner area of padding under your perineum. At first you would think this would make for an uncomfortable spot: but no. Alé call this the central exhaust and is there to “protect the nerve endings for greater support even on longer rides”. Well I can say it worked for me, on or off road. My longest ride was a four and a half hour gravel race and of all the pain I went through, none of it came from my shorts!

The comfortable and forgettable 8HF pad

The top part of the shorts are made from Alé’s Stripes-Air fabric. This lightweight material has alternating bands of solid and mesh running horizontally up it: keeping it light and quick drying. The straps are broad – 45mm – and soft to the touch, you could probably wear them next to your skin without any chafing: but I didn’t. They come in black or blue and men’s and women’s fit, take a look at their product page.


So to round up the Alé Hammer bib shorts are the perfect companion for all your cycling. Whether on or off road. Racing or just riding, they will get on with protecting your derriere, leaving you to concentrate on turning the pedals.

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