La Fausto Coppi Mangia and Pedala

La Fausto Coppi Mangia and Pedala


La Fausto Coppi Mangia and Pedala.


Tamzin Vokes


La Fausto Coppi Mangia and Pedala will give your long suffering loved ones a chance to enjoy the cusine and culture around Cuneo, the home of La Fausto Coppi sportive.


For loved ones of the cycling obsessed there is always a difficult negotiation process when demands are made for either time or money to fund what seems to be an increasingly expensive sport. I have lost count of the times I’ve been dragged off to a bike race with promises to do something I want afterwards. I can only imagine how much more difficult things become when there are children to placate too. Summer holiday planning can become quite fraught as there seems to be an endless list of weekends given over to sportives, grand fondos, charity rides etc.


Choosing from this minefield can be difficult and rather expensive as you balance the needs of family with your cycling nut. Luckily, for my husband I didn’t take much persuading for a road trip to Cuneo, Italy in order for him to participate in La Fausto Coppi. I even briefly considered the possibility of doing it myself, but the idea of sharing mountain roads with over two thousand people filled me with dread… Read More








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