TURN Zayante M30 Chainset Review

TURN Zayante M30 Chainset Review


The Turn Zayante M30 cranks and Praxis Works Levatime chainrings are compatible with 10/11sp Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo electronic and mechanical systems – my bike is set up with Shimano Ultegra 6800 11sp mechanical shifting and a KMC X11EL 11sp chain, and the bottom bracket is fitted with the Praxis M30 BB push fit sealed bearings for BB86/BB92.


The set up is aesthetically pleasing – the smooth flat black matt finish of the cranks, together with the LevaTime chainrings is understated, and maintains the traditional 5 arm spider. A simplicity in direct comparison to the more ostentatious chainsets from other brands (not naming any names), though a simplicity that belies the quality of performance inherent in the Zayante M30 set up. The sight of a clean drivetrain; chain, cassette, mechs and the Zayante M30 just looks so right.


Turn M30 Chainset


The chainset was delivered to me complete; chainrings fitted to the crankset, and supplied with the M30 BB for BB86 push fit bearings (the BB is sold separately) – it was a simple and quick process to fit the bottom bracket, followed by feeding the spindle through the bearings from the drive side and attaching the non-drive side crank. No nonsense and no hint of creak.


The result of marrying the Turn hollow forged crank arms, praxis cold forged LevaTime rings and M30 (30mm) spindle and bottom bracket system, is a chainset that delivers power to the drive chain without dropping a single watt. A bold claim, I can hear you say, and not one that I can scientifically prove but the overall impression with the Zayante M30 is that maximum torque is delivered through the cranks and chainrings into incredibly efficient forward motion – comparable, if not better than, Shimano Dura-Ace.


Praxis Works 53/39 chainrings with LevaTime shifting technology
Praxis Works 53/39 chainrings with LevaTime shifting technology


The reported weight of the crankset is 790g – what’s 90(ish)g in the grand scheme of things in comparison to Shimano Ultegra? Don’t write in, will you.


Paired with the KMC X11EL 11sp chain, the shifting performance of the chainset is second to none – I’ve not experienced such ease and precision when shifting up to the big ring on any front mech arrangement, and I’ve ridden a few. In a race situation this is significant and means that there’s complete confidence in the quality of execution when shifting up without the fear of dropping the chain, whilst keeping the power on and maintaining your position.


Praxis Works LevaTime Chainrings
Praxis Works LevaTime Chainrings


I am testing the 130BCD 53/39 172.5, bring your big legs, Zayante M30 – if you were interested in a pro-compact (52/36 chainring gear ratio) set up or a more compact option for road/cyclocross then you would have to opt for the 110BCD cranks, unlike Shimano, for example, who are now offering a pitch circle diameter of 110mm as standard for easy flexibility between chainring options and gear ratios, which for me seems to offer better value. This is the only thing that marks the Zayante M30 down in my view – if we did a star rating at CycleTechReview then you’d be looking at a 5-star standard otherwise.



Turn Zayante non-driveside view
Turn Zayante non-driveside view


It should also be noted, and I am hoping that I am not teaching you to suck eggs, that if you are considering buying the cranks then pay close attention to the fact that you will have to buy a compatible Praxis bottom bracket of some description, depending on your frame and bottom bracket ‘standard’, due to the M30 having a 30mm spindle this crankset will not fit with other branded bottom brackets that I am aware of – worth reiterating that bottom brackets are sold separately so budget accordingly.


I’ve used the crankset with the BB86/BB92 bottom bracket through the summer, which is not enough time to comment on the longevity of the bearings but transmission through the bottom bracket is buttery smooth and creak free – quality that you would expect from Praxis.


Turn Zayante M30 in motion
Turn Zayante M30 blurry in motion


If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current cranks/chainset or you’re building a bike from the ground up then I would highly recommend that you specify theTurn Zayante M30 chainset – you’ll be getting Dura-Ace+ performance at an Ultegra price and a better looking chainset.


Turn Zayante M30 Cranks, offered in 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm lengths, supplied with Praxis Works LevaTime Chainrings – £239.99RRP


Praxis M30 BB86/BB92 Bottom Bracket – £34.99


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