TURN Zayante M30 Chainset Review

TURN Zayante M30 Chainset Review


TURN Zayante M30 Cranks and chainset


Mark Tearle


Review of Turn Zayante M30 chainset


It was William Morris that said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – apply that principle to a bike when you have the opportunity to build one to your specification, or upgrade parts, starting with the Turn Zayante M30 Chainset and you can’t go wrong.


Both incredibly functional and, indeed, beautiful (more on this later) I’ve recently had reason to swap the Zayante M30 Cranks from one frame to another which has given me the opportunity to test the Praxis – M30 Bottom Bracket for BB86/BB92 in addition to the Praxis – 68mm M30 Conv BB for BB30/PF30 originally supplied with the cranks and chainset.


The Turn Zayante M30 chainset (Turn cranks, Praxis Works LevaTime chainrings and Praxis Works M30 BB) is primarily an aftermarket consideration, but increasingly to be found on selected bikes from the Specialized ready to ride range, the faith attributed to the Turn brand from Specialized is testament to the quality. Turn is a sister brand to Praxis Works – Praxis rings have long had a fine reputation as the go-to aftermarket rings.


The decision to market the cranks as a second brand to Praxis is a curious one especially since they are supplied with Praxis rings and bottom bracket as standard, but that doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the package – so how did they ride?… Read More >







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