De Marchi Veloce Jersey and Shorts

De Marchi Veloce Jersey and Shorts


De Marchi Veloce Jersey and Shorts


Tim Granshaw


Review of the De Marchi Veloce Jersey and Road Bib Shorts


De Marchi’s new Veloce jersey and shorts are stuffed with technological innovation, thoughtful design touches, and an impeccable attention to detail. Does all of this hard work offset the premium pricing? Is De Marchi really the ‘Colnago Of cycle clothing’?


I’ve always been a bicycle racer. The teams I raced for would usually compromise the quality of the kit for obvious reasons. You’d likely crash it or rip it with safety pins during its one year lifespan. The next year, the supply would be replaced with a new design with new sponsors. As such, longevity was rarely a concern. One particularly memorable pair of shorts disintegrated mid-race, giving the spectators a bit of a show and a me a bit of sunburn.


With established experience in clothing of all grades, I was excited when I had the chance to test De Marchi’s highly-regarded, premium Veloce shorts and jersey line… Read More >







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