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‘Stique Multilever


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Introducing the clever ‘Stique Multilever


Multitools and tyre levers are an important part of cycling. They are items you have to carry, though hope you won’t have to use, during your ride. We’ve seen some clever multitools but along with separate tyre levers, they still take up valuable space in your jersey pocket or saddle bag. So what if you combined the two together? Well British company ‘Stique have done just that with their new Multilever…

Stique Multilever
‘Stique came to life in Autumn 2013, when a team of bike-loving designers and engineers set about the challenge of redesigning the humble tyre lever and eventually created what they are calling the Multilever. Now Stique have a Kickstarter campaign aiming to get to their funding goal and bring the product to market.
The ‘Stique Multilever is a new take on that cycling essential, the multitool. It consists of three multi-function levers housing an integrated tool set and built-in room for key accessories, such as emergency coins, spare batteries, chain-links and puncture repair pad holders. Stique call the Multilever the ‘Swiss Army pen knife’ of cycling, because it has so many features.
The incredibly strong tyre levers are made of a new type of plastic that is used in the automotive sector to replace the metal parts on cars to make them lighter. ‘Stique claim that the Multilever is as ‘strong as nails’, as proven in lab tests where it was 90% stronger than market leading levers.
‘Stique is a new design and engineering business that is totally focused on creating innovative new products for the cycling market. The name comes from the legendary domestiques of cycle racing, hence the ‘Stique. This is just the first of seven products that will all be made at their base in Cannock, Staffordshire. This includes a fourth lever containing a useful chain-breaker and tyre pressure gauge…
The Multilever has gone through extensive field trials with road cyclists and mountain bikers, including ex-Olympic mountain bike rider and UK Team Coach, Gary Foord’s team at Mammoth Lifestyle.
Greg McDonald, ‘Stique’s founder, came up with the idea of the Multilever. “Our name comes from the love of the bicycle, a thirst to break new ground for bike riders, and the sweat, toil and personal sacrifice personified by the legendary domestiques. As ’Stique develops, we’re committed to producing a range of high quality, metal-grade plastic tools and accessories, with components sourced in the UK. We have an exciting product development pipeline in place, that will extend our range, reinventing tools and accessories for every type of bike rider”.
‘Stique are promoting their Multilever on Kickstarter and will be exhibiting at the Cycle Show in September. Watch the video for more information…

ML123 from 'Stique on Vimeo.

The ‘Stique Multilever will retail for £27
‘Stique on Kickstarter


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