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Ekoi Winter Clothing

Time to winterise your winter wardrobe? Take a look at some of the Ekoi Winter Clothing range. The rain has stopped and now it’s sunny and...

GripGrab Raotor

GripGrab Raptor Gloves

The GripGrab Raptor gloves are a great pair of lightweight winter gloves. With our warmer winters though, they have seen me all the way through winter.

GripGrab Gloves

  GripGrab Gloves   Paul Horta-Hopkins   We preview four gloves from Scandinavian brand GripGrab.   GripGrab was founded in 2000 by Martin, Kristian and Bjørn...

News: Ekoi Heat Concept

  News: Ekoi Heat Concept   Paul Horta-Hopkins   The Ekoi Heat Concept gloves and overshoes could be just the thing to banish winter chills.  ...