Schwalbe Durano Plus

Schwalbe Durano Plus


Schwalbe Durano Plus


You rarely give your tyres much thought – as long as they are working properly that is. We may all crave light weight, a smooth ride, puncture resistance and grip on the limit, but its only when we have problems that tyre choice really becomes an issue..


At different times, different tyre properties become important. In time trials and on the track its all about speed, and generally the lighter a tyre is the faster it will be. In crit racing, speed and grip through the corners are all important. In wet weather its all about grip on the corners, where you can lose many places if you are worried about finding your tyres’ limit…


Of all our concerns though, puncture resistance is perhaps the most critical. Its unlikely that you’ll stick with a particular type of tyre if you continually puncture it. Race tyres are designed to deliver you to the finish line first, but sometimes its more important to ensure you get to your destination without incident; step forward the Schwalbe Durano Plus… Read More >



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