Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0

Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0


Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0


Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0 Time Trial bike


Vince Halpern recently told us he was off to photograph a slim, smooth skinned German… We didn’t think they would be appropriate for the site until we realised he’d got hold of the Canyon Speedmax time-trial bike. So here’s the results of his day long photoshoot…


The model shown is the Speedmax CF 8.0 which currently retails for £3247.11. When he said to us that there wasn’t a cable to be seen anywhere on the bike we thought he was exaggerating but looking through the photos its not far from the truth at all. This is one seriously aero bike. To achieve that, it is specced with Ultegra Di2 which reduces the amount of visible cabling. In fact you can only spec this frame with Di2 of some sort; it does not accept mechanical groupsets.


The frame is adjustable to say the least; handlebar and stem, seatpost and fork rake are all fully customisable to suit your riding style or type of event.


As standard it comes equipped with the Mavic Cosmics you can see in the first few photos but Vince soon swapped them out for some Zipp 404’s in an attempt to get even more aero.


After you’ve had a look at the photos, you can get more details by reading the feature we wrote earlier this year on the Canyon Speedmax CF here. We should have a full ride review available soon.

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