Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 29er

Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 29er


Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 29er


Words by Alastair McNeill


As mentioned in the Preview of the Canyon Nerve AL 9.9, this review came about with a fairly specific task in mind: the Grand Raid Cristalp. In it 24th year, this event is up there with the hardest one day mountain biking events on the calendar, so I needed a bike that was going to get me through the 125km route and up the 5200m of Alpine climbing without too many tears; and then down again without breaking anything, neither man or machine…


So it was with the Cristalp in mind, that lined up the Canyon Nerve AL 9.9, described as a “tour” or “marathon” bike, hoping that this full suspension 29er would prove to be the best tool for the job.


I have been slow to get on board the 29er band wagon. Whilst the debate goes on and I continue to read those that make their cases for one or the other, or now increasingly for the third, middle ground option, occupied by the 650b (or 27.5 inch), I have never seen the need to replace my tried and tested 26-inch wheel. So the Nerve AL and its 29er Mavic Crossmax ST wheels would have a lot to prove to me.


After an expected 9 hours of riding – you can read the story of my Grand Raid Cristalp on – would I still want more Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 or would I be glad to return it to Canyon UK headquarters in Kingston?… Read More >






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