September 2013


Everyone likes a Colnago. Their cloverleaf logo is one of the most recognised symbols in the cycling world. Even if you don’t own one nor have any desire to buy one, you have to recognise their place in cycling history and the fantastic way that they constantly innovate to push bike technology forward. So prompted by the CX Zero article, here’s some gratuitous photos of Colnago bicycles from the Windwave stand at the Orbital Cycling Festival, just for the sake of it… Enjoy!


Colnago C59 Disc with proprietary disc brakes - its a bit special...
C59 Disc with proprietary disc brakes – it’s a bit special…


Colnago custom brake levers
Custom brake levers on the C59 Disc


Colnago C59 bespoke levers get the once over from Vince
C59’s bespoke levers get the once over from Vince


Thomas Vocklers' Colnago C59 from 2012 Tour
Thomas Voeckler’s yellow C59 from 2012 Tour


Colnago C59
A classicly painted, ‘Team Mapei’ C59


Colnago World Cup CX bike
World Cup CX bike similar to that ridden by the all conquering Sven Nys


Colnago Master steel bike
Classic Master steel bike


Colnago steel track bike
Another classic steel track bike


Colnago Website


Colnago UK (Windwave)


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