Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker

Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker


Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker


The Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker is definitely a thing of beauty – ‘aesthetically involved’ as Birzman put it – but can the smaller-than-normal track pump possibly be as good at pumping tyres as a full size track pump?


And even then, why make a small track pump, when by their very nature they are stored in garages and sheds, and only occasionally driven, unobtrusively in the boot of a car to an event somewhere?


Though the Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker pump is small and my usual track pump dwarfs it, that’s not the first thing you notice about it. The handle, barrel and base are made of polished aluminum – described as ‘Stable Aluminium Alloy base with High polished premium finish’ – and as such the Tiny Tanker is quite beautiful to behold; a fact that no doubt helped it gain a Red Dot Product Design Award.


As for the small size, you soon notice that the Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker is very handy, taking up less space and weighing an awful lot less than other trackpumps. It certainly demotes my usual trackpump to ugly sister status; a much bigger, heftier ugly sister in this case… (continued on page 2)>



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