LOOK S-Track Race Review

LOOK S-Track Race Review


LOOK S-Track Race Pedals


Words by Paul Hopkins


We expect a lot of the LOOK S-Track Race pedals; any pedal in fact. They are one of the three points of contact you have with your bike but unlike the others are responsible for transferring all that power into the bike’s drivetrain. They’re not the most glamorous part of a bike and its easy to forget about them, even though they take a huge amount of abuse, especially off-road pedals like these. Not only do they have to deal with your bodyweight bearing down on them, but there’s also water mixed with abrasive mud and sand, and all that crashing over obstacles…


Think of clipless pedals and LOOK should be one of the first names that come to mind; they invented the “Automatic Pedal” back in 1984 and we haven’t looked back since… Try riding a bike with toe-straps again and you’ll soon realise just how inefficient they were. The LOOK S-Track Race pedals are the middle model of the S-Track range and the latest edition in LOOK’s long history of pedals. We’ve have been trying them out on our local trails…(continued on page 2)>



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