Zipp Vuka Stealth

Zipp Vuka Stealth


Zipp Vuka Stealth Aerobars


February 2013


Time for testers everywhere to get excited


Cav and the rest of his OmegaPharm-QuickStep teammates are using Zipp components this year – bars, stem, wheels, etc – and whilst Cav himself may not consider himself to be a ‘tester’ (though everything is relative, of course), with teammates such as Tony Martin you can appreciate why Zipp might want to launch a new aerobar. Enter the Zipp Vuka Stealth aero bar.


ZIPP Vuka Stealth
ZIPP Vuka Stealth


Zipp launched the Vuka Stealth integrated aerobar system as an almost endlessly adjustable system with a claimed 1,920 different possible positions which should allow every rider to perfect their aero position.


The Vuka Stealth integrates the stem, basebar and mounting hardware into a single streamlined aero system.


The base bar has a truncated aerofoil shape in line with the UCI’s 3:1 rule, and utilises Zipp’s ‘Rapid Routing’ cable exits for easy brake cable installation.


Zipp Vuka head-on shot
Zipp Vuka head-on shot


Although the Vuka Stealth comes in just three stem lengths (short, medium or long) each stem also has a spacer which increases stem length by 10mm providing even more adjustment.


The Vuka Stealth is crafted from unidirectional carbon fiber with titanium and aluminum hardware, and is compatible with Zipp’s Vuka Extensions, of which there are four variations – Race, Straight, Ski-tip or Race Vuka Shift styles – as well as most extensions on the market.


Zipp Vuka Stealth top shot
Zipp Vuka Stealth top shot


The weight is 820g for the medium bar with the Zipp Vuka Race carbon extensions, though it will retail for $1,070/€958 excluding the extensions, which will have to be bought separately.


Zipp Website

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