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Fix It Sticks


Fix It Sticks: where less is more


February 2013


Fix It Sticks are a new twist on the multi-tool that could make deciding just which tools to take a lot easier…


Spotted on the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, Fix It Sticks are the brainchild of 3rd cat racer, Brian Davis. The multi-tool has been around for a long time now and the permutations that are possible are mind boggling. A quick Google shows tools with more than twenty options to be quite common. With all these options however comes weight and bulk; fine if you’re touring with panniers or off-road with a back-pack, but it don’t half drag on your sexy road jersey!


Now we always recommend carrying some kind of tool on any ride – along with pump, tubes etc – and while many of these tools try hard to keep the weight down (perhaps at cost of usability) most roadies don’t want pockets crammed full of stuff.


Fix it sticks
Fix it sticks


At which point something like Fix It Sticks start to make sense. Basically it’s two anodised aluminium ‘sticks’ with a steel bit at either end, giving four tools. You can select which bits you want from either an allen key, a screwdriver or a torque key.


The two “sticks” can then be slotted together to create a “T” shaped tool, allowing you to apply more than enough force. The bits are permanently fixed, so there’s no danger of them dropping out.


No news on cost yet but the idea has attracted plenty of attention and backers prepared to put their money behind the project. To date Fix It Sticks have managed to raise $45,201 from an original goal of just $18,000 on Kickstarter.


We’ll keep an eye on this neat little tool and let you know once it’s in production. We like it – a lot. Until then here’s the promo video…



Fix It Sticks on Kickstarter

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