Zipp 30 and Zipp 60 wheels

Zipp 30 and Zipp 60 wheels


Zipp 30 and Zipp 60 wheels


January 2013


In a bid to pass on the benefits of their speed technology to everyone, Zipp has brought out two new wheelsets, the Zipp 30 and Zipp 60, utilising their hybrid toroidal rim shapes that incorporate slightly wider profiles for which Zipp claim numerous benefits, such as enhanced cornering grip, increased ride comfort and reduced pinch flats, as well as improved aerodynamics.


Zipp 30 wheels


The first is the Zipp 30, an aluminium rim that is, unsurprisingly, 30mm deep. Despite being a shallower rim, the 30, by utilising Zipp’s hybrid toroidal shape, actually provides an aero advantage that exceeds many deeper v-section rims. The 30 is designed as a do-it-all performance wheelset, as happy on a Sunday cafe ride as a long sportive or a season of road racing.


Zipp 30 wheelset


The Zipp 30 uses a 7075-T6 aluminium hub with stainless steel bearings and requires no pre-load adjustment, so they should provide excellent long term performance. Straight pull Sapim CX-Ray spokes are used, with 18 radially laced on the front and 20 on the rear, which are radially laced on the drive side and two cross on the non-drive side.


Weights for the Zipp 30 are 765g for the front and 890g for the rear. The new wheelset will be available from March and will retail for around $390/€360/£305 for the front and $460/€425/£370 for the rear.


The Zipp 60 again uses Zipp’s hybrid toroidal shape but this time applied to an ‘ABLC™ dimpled carbon rim’. ABLC stands for Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control whereby, in a similar way to golf balls, the dimpled surface makes the air more turbulent and when combined with the new rim profile, decreases ‘pressure drag’. This pressure drag is caused by the vacuous space created immediately behind a rim; much greater behind a normal v-shaped rim, making such a rim much less aerodynamic. For a more involved explanation of the technology take a look at Zipp’s website.


Zipp 60


The same lightweight 7075-T6 hub and Sapim CX-Ray spokes are used on the Zipp 60 as on the 30. Zipp use ‘M2CM™ technology’, a moulding and machining process that joins two dissimilar materials in a single unified composite structure, to fuse an alumimium rim to the carbon rim body thus providing a better braking surface with improved aerodynamics.


Zipp 30 and Zipp 60 hub


The Zipp 60 wheelset tips the scale at a combined weight of 1820g; that’s 850g for the front and 970g for the rear. Release date is the same as the 30, March 2013, and the 60 will retail for $675/€623/£540 for the front and 
$825/€762/£660 for the rear.


Here’s a promo video for the Zipp 30:



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