Time Trialling Tips

Time Trialling Tips


Time Trialling Tips


January 2013


The start of your racing season may still be some time off but if you want to improve your time trialling now is the time to start thinking about it and practicing your technique so you can perform in those early season 10’s. To that end you could do worse than follow Orica GreenEDGE professional, Luke Durbridge’s 5 top tips.


Time trialling tips from Luke Durbridge


If there’s one thing Luke Durbridge knows, it’s time trialling. Check his palmares and you’ll see it’s studded with time trial victories at national, commonwealth and world championship level; and that’s not counting the various individual time trial wins he has taken in stage races. If only there was some way to get time trialling tips directly from the man himself…


Durbo the Turbo, as he has been dubbed, has already kicked off 2013 in style, winning both the Australian road and time trial championships.


In this video Luke shares some of his time trialling tips and with his background, you know he’s going to have something useful to say.


It’s interesting to hear that none of his tips involve equipment, they are all based on technique, emphasising maintaining good form and acquiring the ability to suffer.



Orica GreenEDGE

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