International Cyclefit Symposium

International Cyclefit Symposium


International Cyclefit Symposium 2013


19th January 2013


A bike that fits is a thing of beauty; one that doesn’t will not only be uncomfortable after hours of cumulative use, it will prevent you from riding at your full potential.


Cyclefit Symposium 2013


Bike fitting ‘when we were lads’ involved letting the old pro at the local ‘proper’ bike shop eye you up, suck through his teeth, then make his announcement that you were a 21 (the bikes size in inches for our younger readers) or whatever, and that was that; finis; no argument. A few refinements might be made along the way, generally based on kit we fancied because we’d seen the pros using it – not very scientific and still probably quite common today.


ICS 2013


However, although the practiced eye of an experienced rider can still of use of course, the options now have increased to the point where it would be foolish to rely on such estimations. The huge number of shop or studio based bike fitting specialists can tell you exactly what you need and why. Some will just do a basic bike fit, while others will include physiotherapy and training plans based on areas of weakness.


London based Cyclefit, who by their very name you might assume to be leading exponents in this field, are indeed one of the industry’s leading bike fitters and as such organise the International Cyclefit Symposium at Brunel University in Uxbridge, just West of London.


This will be the second year that they have hosted the three day symposium, which runs from the 24th to the 26th January is aimed at bike fitters, cycling coaches, physical therapists and the associated medical community, and bicycle and component designers, but will be of great interest to anyone who has an interest in how the bike and rider should ideally come together.


Cyclefit Symposium 2013 lecture


The symposium will include a wide range of guest speakers from around the world, many of whom are world leaders in their various fields. The symposium is a rare chance to see and hear all of these speakers gathered in one place. As a bonus each day will conclude with a practical fitting session.


We think its well worth mentioning the speakers that Phil and Jules of Cyclefit have managed to gather together ‘under one roof’:
Todd Carver of motion capture bike fitting specialists, Retul
Dr Timmerman of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, who also acts as the Medical Advisor for Trek Bicycle Corporation, founded the Trek Bike Fitting Seminars, and runs a Sports Medicine Clinic at the Trek Headquarters
Phil Burt MSCP Bsc Hons, is the Lead Physiotherapist at British Cycling and a Consultant Physiotherapist Sky Pro Cycling Team
Dr. Thomas Korff is the Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics at Brunel University, London
Curtis Cramblett is an adviser to the Garmin-Cervélo Professional Cycling Team on bike fitting and physical therapy
Kyle Russ is a biomechanical engineer for Trek and Trek Fit Services
Jon Iriberri is the CEO of, working with the Movistar Team, the Spanish Cycling Federation and the world cycling center of the UCI in Aigle
Oliver Elsenbach founder of SOLESTAR insoles
Paraic McGlynn founder of CYCLOLOGIC, the world’s first independent Cycling Biomechanics and Performance research and education facility
Paul Barratt a Biomechanist at the English Institute of Sport (EIS)
Sean Madsen head of the BodyGeometry Fit method at Specialized
Paul Swift of, the inventor of Cleat Wedges and In-The-Shoe Wedges


Its costs £600 for the three days, so may be of more interest to people already in the business, but with such a gathering of expertise and a bright future for bike fitting within performance cycling, it may well be worth a look.


You can get more information here: International Cyclefit Symposium 2013

You can also read an interesting piece about Cyclefit here.

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