Vittoria CX Leather Belt

Vittoria CX Leather Belt


Vittoria CX Leather Belt


By Simon Whiten


More Christmas presents for cyclists with a leather belt, gift package from Vittoria…

Vittoria have launched a Christmas gift package featuring a belt with the pattern of the Corsa CX tyre. Whilst we doubt that anyone reading this site will be short of ideas for other cycling friends at Christmas, if you know of people who are short of ideas for you, then perhaps leave your laptop open on the coffee table on this page…


The Corsa CX was on Rui Costa’s bike at the World Champs in Florence 2013. Of course it’s a handmade tyre, with a very supple 320 TPI Corespun cotton casing.


Vittoria CX Leather belt
Vittoria CX Leather belt


There was a time when every road racer in the UK seemed to be on Vittoria tyres, and the Corsa CX tyres are fast, supple and grippy. They now come in a wide range of widths including an old school, narrow sounding 21mm, a more normal 23mm, and the on-trend 25mm.


To celebrate the World Champs success at Christmas, Vittoria have created a leather belt, obviously made in Italy, which is coupled with the Vittoria Corsa CX tyre tread and a buckle with the Vittoria logo laser engraved onto it. It’s the sort of thing that subtle enough to be used everyday, is interesting and will be rare enough to be considered special. All sounds good to us.


The belt comes in a zip case which obviously the belt isn’t going to spend much time in, so Vittoria have designed the zip case to be ‘multipurpose’ with the ability to use as a repair kit and tool pack, or to store keys and money in when you are out for a ride. Sounds even better.


It’s available from December and, though we don’t know the sterling price, the suggested price in Euros is 29,95.


For more information see the Vittoria Website


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