From Salzburg in Austria comes Airstreeem which has its origins back in 2008 when Stefan Probst, a Continental Pro level rider, was building his own wheels and framesets. Word soon got around that here was someone who knew what he was doing…


In an example of brotherly love, his products helped brother Rupert to first place in the Austrian national time trial championships, and after seeing how good his equipment was, other local riders began asking Stefan to build for them. Since then Airstreeem has gone from strength to strength, producing only top quality products for serious athletes; you won’t find a budget frame or wheelset in their catalogue.


We first spotted Airstreeem at the London Bike Show back in January, where their bikes and wheels created quite a stir with their combination of lightweight and quality. Founder Stephan Probst was on hand to answer any queries and his enthusiasm for his products looks well placed.


In Austria sponsored athletes have ridden Airstreeem to multiple victories in road and triathlon events. It’s easy to forget just how popular cycling is in Austrian and Germany as since many professional teams lost sponsors after the recent doping scandals, we hear little news of what is going on in these two countries. Companies like Airstreeem are providing the locals with quality bikes which we are now getting a chance to ride here in the UK (you might have to wait a while longer in the US or further afield).


All Airstreeem frames come with a 12 year guarantee. Over the next few pages we’ll take a brief look at what Airstreeem have to offer, with a bike and wheel review to follow soon…(continued on page 2) >



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