Giant TCR Advanced SL Review

Giant TCR Advanced SL Review


So, what is the Giant TCR Advanced SL? It is Giant’s top of the range road bike, it’s the machine ridden by UCI Pro Team Rabobank and it boasts the lightest and stiffest road frame ever made by the world’s


‘Compact Road Design’ – superb finishing of the angular tubes

biggest bike manufacturer. From
which, it would be reasonable to expect something special, something advanced… something “beyond integration”. Well, here it is.


Beyond Integration is Giant’s name for the project from which it and its various siblings – including some Defy and Avail models – sprung; for all that it looks like a contemporary racing bicycle, it was born of a design approach that, according to Giant, “set aside existing barriers and created cohesive, systematic solutions to ambitious performance goals.”


In real-world terms this meant shaving weight from the preceding Giant TCR Advanced SL model while enhancing performance parameters. And to do that, Giant added stiffness to the front end by upping the thickness of the steerer tube. Like its OverDrive predecessor, OverDrive 2 comprises a tapered steerer tube 1 ¼” in diameter at the top and 1 ½” at the fork crown.


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