Vulpine, for a life less Lycra

Vulpine, for a life less Lycra

We’ll be trying out some British brand goodies from Vulpine.

Most of my riding is pretty sweaty. Whether racing, training, commuting or hacking about. It’s generally done at a frenetic pace. But as the kids get older and family rides become a thing, I’ve found my wardrobe is lacking.

Vulpine Alpine Blend Merino Jersey
Vulpine Alpine Blend Merino Jersey

With no need to chase and more time to look and wait, my lycra kit is a little too much. I need something a bit more relaxed. Clothing that doesn’t shout CYCLIST! And yet is still practical and comfortable on the bike. Handily Vulpine got in touch and asked if we’d like to take a look at some of their kit.

Men's Rain Shorts from Vulpine
Men’s Rain Shorts from Vulpine

I’d heard of Vulpine and their cool, stylish clothing, but had never had a need for it, but now the need was there. Vulpine have a range that is all about everyday, practical clothing. The kind of stuff that looks good on and off the bike. Vulpine say they take their design “from the traditions of classic British tailoring.” I think there’s a touch of the Mod about their style, which is right up my street. To this they add subtle cycling details, like magnetic closures, reflective trim and a cut that is suited to riding your bike.

Portixol Waterproof Jacket
Vulpine’s Portixol Waterproof Jacket, perfect for the British summer!

This sounds perfect for my needs, I can look forward to riding with the family and not standing out like a pro-wannabee! Vulpine have kindly sent a pair of Men’s Rain Shorts and Men’s Alpine Blind Merino Jersey There’s also a Women’s Portixol Waterproof Jacket and Women’s Gravel Shorts for us to try.

Gravel Shorts
Vulpine’s Gravel Shorts for women

I’ll be taking these out on sunny holiday rides; I hope, this is Britain after all. Hopefully the weather will comply and it will be lashings of ginger ale for all. Otherwise it will be damp sandwiches while sheltering from the downpour, Whichever it is, I’m sure Vulpine will have me covered. Look out for the review soon and in the meantime head over to Vulpine and check out their ranges.

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