Bookman Block Lights Review

Bookman Block Lights Review

Bookman Block lights, little lights that pack a punch.

Wow! These little – and I mean tiny – lights can throw out a heck of a lot of Lumens. When the Block Lights first turned up I was, I admit, a little underwhelmed. I mean c’mon, they measure 35x23x14 mm! That’s about a quarter of a matchbox, tiny!

Switch them on though and they throw an impressive amount of light down the road. I now understand why they only last for ninety minutes on full power. There’s only so much space for a battery and it’s working hard on steady and full power.

The Bookman Block Lights

They work well as a daytime light, being visible even in bright sunlight. I notice a lot of people running their lights during the day nowadays, just to make sure they’re seen. If you do that with the Bookman Block lights you’ll definitely be visible, just be aware of the run time. You also get a bit of sideways visibility, thanks to the front lens cover. Some of the light is scattered sideways, which adds a bit more visibility.

Charging is via a short USB lead and the charging port has a useful silicone cover to keep water out. At first I was a little annoyed by the short cable, worried that it would stretch and get damaged. However the Bookman Block lights are so light that that’s not an issue. Tipping the scales at 25 grammes for a pair you can easily misplace them. While they’re on charge they will flash, going steady when they reach full charge.

Attaching them to your bike is simple. The Bookman Block lights have a silicone band attached to the rear. Pull this around a handlebar, seatpost, anything really and it sits in a notch on the top of the light; simple and secure. Underneath, the body has a slight dip with a silicone layer to prevent the light twisting.

Controls are simple as well. Hold the large silicone button for a count of two to switch on, the same to switch off. Cycle between full power, flashing, reduced power and reduced power flashing just by clicking the button.

Run time on full power flashing was around three and a half hours for the front. The rear kept going for over four and a half hours, impressive for such a small light.

Simple is a word you find yourself using a lot when describing the Bookman Block lights. Simple design, simple to attach and simple to operate; just what you want for commuter lights. Which is where these will shine!

Take a look at the Bookman site.

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