September 2013


Bike theft. It’s a huge problem, though hopefully one that will never affect you. But if the worst does happen, what could you do to track down your dearly beloved? Could the Spylamp2 be the answer?


According to stolen-bikes.co.uk there have been 41,116 bike thefts up to July 2013, that’s somewhere around £8,223,200 worth and with over 90% of those thefts unresolved, it really is a huge problem.


That’s a lot of bikes around and with most bikes not being marked, returning a bike to it’s owner is problematic. As we reported back in January, a small firm from South East London have come up with some clever ways of keeping tabs on your pride and joy and we have one of their products, the Spylamp2, to play with.


Hidden under the Spylamp2  tracker's cover, is more than you would thhink
Hidden under the Spylamp2 tracker’s cover, is more than you would think


The Spylamp2 is disguised as a rear light and a small discreet one at that, after all you wouldn’t want the tracker to be an object that attracts a thief’s eye! Once armed it is set off by any prolonged motion. The unit then sends a signal out alerting you and allowing you to follow it on a map, which you can access via your smartphone. What you do with this information is then up to you… Being law abiding citizens we would recommend you alert the police and allow them to deal with it. Then again you would know where your bike is along with the toe-rag that half-inched it!


As well as the Spylamp2, Integrated Trackers also produce tracking devices that are disguised as the top cap of your headset, or a carbon or alloy seat post; they even produced trackers that can be hidden on your car or motorbike.


Spybike tracking map


We’ll let you know how we get on with this little bit of technology and pray that we never actually need it.

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