Active Root Sports Drink Review

Active Root Sports Drink Review


Active Root Sports Drink Review


Simon Tuck


We were sent some sachets of Active Root natural ginger sports drink to test out.


Active Root is a ginger flavoured sports drink with no artificial additives, chemicals or preservatives. Due to its natural ingredients it’s perfect for Vegans and people on a Gluten Free diet. You simply mix it with water and take it with you when you exercise.


Active Root sachet1
Balance, Fuel, Hydrate with Active Root


I’m quite partial to a bit of ginger so I was keen to try Active Root. I thought it would probably make a nice addition to my larder for a 24 hour tandem ride I’m doing in September.


Active Root in the wild
Active Root has only 4 ingredients


Each 35g sachet of Active Root contains 32.7g of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate comes from unbleached cane sugar, and is made up of fructose and glucose. The different sources should allow you to absorb it more easily. A low glycemic index means the energy is delivered at a steady rate.


Active Root sachets
Active Root handy sachets


You do have to be sure to mix the powder well with water. I found particularly on a very cold day, that as I got to the dregs it was suddenly sweet where I hadn’t managed to get the cane sugar to dissolve properly. In warm weather, and shaking the bottle well in the first place, it hasn’t been a problem to get an even mix throughout the bottle.


Active Root sports drink
Active Root does mix well, but make sure to shake it up like it says on the instructions for best results.


Normally when drinks contain carbohydrates they’re quite sticky and gloopy and I find them hard to drink without getting stomach pain later on, I didn’t have this problem with Active Root. It did leave a residue when I put it in a glass for a photo, but the consistency is more water-like than some carb drinks I’ve used.


Active Root Sports Drink 2
After a few sips and 30 minutes or so sitting in the sun the Active Root is still well mixed.


Unrefined natural sea salt helps provide essential minerals. This helps replace some of the important electrolytes that you sweat out, but also allows your body to absorb fluid and rehydrate faster. Its difficult to say whether this is a noticeable effect. Although it did hydrate me better because I drunk more using the Active Root mix than when I’ve tried carb or electrolyte mixes in the past, simply because I liked the flavour and it didn’t make me feel ill.


Now, if you don’t like ginger at all then this sports drink is probably not for you. Whilst not overwhelming, you can definitely taste the ginger. It’s not a really spicy ginger flavour, if you think along the lines of a mild ginger beer, but without the fizz, you’ll have an idea. If that sounds okay, definitely give it a go, especially if you do struggle to get along with other sports drinks. You can buy individual sachets to try it out if you’re unsure.


Active Root Website


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