X-Bionic Apani Merino
X-Bionic Apani Merino

X-Bionic APANI Merino FastFlow Shirt and Pants Long Review


X-Bionic APANI Merino FastFlow Shirt and Pants Long Review


Robert Matusek


A review of X-Bionic APANI FastFlow Shirt and Pants Long


X-Bionic are technological innovators in clothing. Wool is by its very nature, not technological. So what do you get if you “work with nature more intelligently”? You get something like the APANI FastFlow Collection.


X-Bionic FastFlow Shirt

Over-engineered, or ‘The Future’


The material composition of these X-Bionic APANI garments is 75% Merino wool, 23% Mythlan™, 2% Elastane. I had a certain prejudice against Merino for use in high intensity activity. At easy cruising, walking, hiking, etc; it is a fabulous skin-friendly feeling. Once it goes above 90-95% of VO2max in intensity though, the wicking effect isn’t as good as man-made materials. I had tested merino clothing in the past numerous times. Next-to all brands failed during strenuous exercise.


X-Bionic FastFlow Shirt2

Each part of the body has different needs from a base layer, so X-Bionic addresses the individual areas.


I used the APANI shirt and pants long mostly at deep subzero temperatures. They managed to keep the body temperature at a confortable level irrespective the intensity I trained/raced at. When I ‘dug deep’ and raised the intensity, the garments became more saturated with sweat, however the resulting moisture didn’t cool me down.


With light activity, the APANI layer insulates greatly. You might assume that in cold weather you might not need any added ventilation. X-BIONIC’s solution to this is their 3D-BionicSphere® System applied in the chest area. Its task is to cool down the body temperature. The bottom line effect I enjoyed the most was the way body temperature has been kept on constant level.


X-Bionic FastFlow Pants Long2

“100% nature plus X-Intelligence”


There’s another 3D-BionicSphere® System on the back. It works in tandem with that of the front. The whole concept is utterly complex, hence I tried to ignore the nitty-gritty. My conclusion has been that it really isn’t just scientific mumbo-jumbo.


X-Bionic FastFlow Pants Long

X-Bionix “Apani Merino is science reality”


I dug little bit deeper into the technological background of the above. As they state APANI® MERINO – as pure as nature intended® – naturally cools, warms and dries where necessary and not just where it can. It undeniably warms, in a very natural, welcome way I haven’t experienced hitherto. An extended test has to attest whether this apparel-set in general and Merino in particular lives up to all those claims. As for the time being, despite frequent washes no sign of wear and tear is detectable.


In conclusion, there is lot of trickery that went into this attire. I can’t testify that each of the concept zones in the garments will work for everyone. Nor can I justify the asking price. Does its price give me the expected added value? Could I achieve the same outcomes, comfort, performance, etc; for less money? The cynic could say the differences are probably marginal. Most of all however, the sensation and feeling I have experienced with these X-Bionic kits has been a revelation. As a result I am inclined to come to love all these features very quickly. X-Bionic’s ambition to create a technologically high regarded apparel is something I applaud.


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