Hangman Secure Cycle Storage Review

Hangman Secure Cycle Storage Review


Hangman Secure Cycle Storage Review


Simon Tuck


The Hangman is a secure cycle storage hanger. It mounts on the wall and cradles your bike with 2 stabilising arms, it locks around your frame and has an additional locking point on the arm to attach a chain lock to.


Hangman Secure Hanger 3
When unlocked, the Hangman sits at the ready. The weight of your bike will push the lower jaws down and cause the upper jaws to clamp into place.


I first saw the Hangman at a bike show back in 2016. The guys that designed it had previously made wall mounts for tv and audio gear. It seemed a logical step to come up with something that would securely attach their bikes to a wall.


Hangman Secure Hanger
Hangman Secure Hanger.


Since I wrote my preview Hangman have simplified their range into System 1, which attaches directly to a wall. And System 2, which attaches to the wall via a rail so you can add shelves and their usb hub.


Hangman system 2
Hangman System 2 clamps onto a wall bracket. You can then add shelves and the USB to the bracket.


As I’ve recently moved house, it seemed an opportune moment to test the Hangman system 1. Once I received the hanger to review and had a proper look at what’s in the box I took advantage of their sale and actually bought another one so I could hang both bikes up.


Hangman Secure Hanger 7
Two bikes on the wall, both separate and secure. Either can be used without having to disturb the other.


Fitting is easy, you get two fixing methods on the System 1 kit. You can either attach a wide plate to the wall with 4 bolts and then the hanger attaches to that with hidden bolts so everything is out of sight but the wall plate still stands out. Or you can attach the hidden wall plate to the wall with 3 bolts and the hanger attaches to that with hidden bolts, but it looks a lot neater. I went for the latter. Hangman say the first method is more secure.


Hangman xray
The Hangman can either be fixed to the wall via the orange bracket, or via the square wall plate through the orange bracket.


If you’re trying to fit two bikes one above the other like I was, it’s a bit tricky to get them the right distance. I had the added complication that where I wanted to drill holes a builder had split a brick and I didn’t have a whole brick to drill into. I had to go for the next whole brick over so I wasn’t going into mortar. The hangers aren’t perfectly aligned, but once the bikes are in them you can’t see it.


Hangman Secure Hanger 2
Neat and tidy. Although I had trouble getting both hangers lined up perfectly.


As you place the bike onto the open hanger, the weight of the bike pushes down on the bottom part of the lock and rests on the support arms and the top closes over it. You then lock it in place. For further security you can use a bike chain through the hole in the arm.


Hangman Secure Hanger 4
As the jaws lower into place the orange part of the jaw is TPE rubber to prevent damage.


The minor drawback of the Hangman system is that you need to be able to use basic tools, and the security of the finished job does depend on your ability with measuring and drilling the holes in the right place and using decent fixings. This is the case with most ground anchors and similar security methods too. If you’re useless at DIY then you may need to call that friend who can do it.


Hangman Secure Hanger 1
The reinforced hole in the arm of the hanger is designed to provide an extra means of securing your frame with a chain.


The body of the hanger is sturdy. Any exposed bolts are security bolts, and you could easily deface them to make attack even harder. Even if those exposed bolts were taken out then the device would still be clamped around the frame. I tried taking the bolts out with the correct security bit and it took ages. Bolt croppers wouldn’t be much use as the hanger is too thick to be cut. An angle grinder might do the job but it would take time and its noisy, plus there would be a real risk of frame damage.


Hangman Secure Hanger 5
Once clamped you just turn the key, locking the jaws in place and your bike is secure.


With my bikes secured to the wall by the top tube it would take a fairly determined thief to break into my garage and then manage to get my bikes off the wall. They could probably get the wheels off easy enough, but components can always be secured with a separate lock if needed. The time it would take to take a bike, and the resulting noise should prove a decent deterrent. The added bonus is that if your spouse or partner leaves the garage door open whilst gardening or rooting around in your toolbox for a hammer to put up some picture hooks (it happens), then the bikes won’t be taken by an opportunist thief either.


Hangman Secure Hanger 6
The TPE rubber bobbins support your frame and prevent twisting. There’s also a handy accessory hook underneath for helmets to be stored on.


There are only a few other products that enable you to both store and secure your bike at the same time, Hangman seems to me to be the best value. An alternative is to use a cheaper basic hanger, then attach a ground/ wall anchor to chain through. I personally don’t like heavy chains hanging off my bike if I can help it. The Hangman hanger is a much neater solution, and if fitted with the correct fixings it should provide decent security. There is always the option of putting a chain through the Hangman if you intend on being away for a while.


Hangman Website


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