New Kickstarter project for Tailfin Aeropack range.

New Kickstarter project for Tailfin Aeropack range.


New Kickstarter project for Tailfin Aeropack range.


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Tailfin launches a new Kickstarter campaign for their

game-changing AeroPack product range.


A friend of mine bought the original Tailfin T1 pannier rack set-up with two pannier bags. The rack fits onto pretty much any bike and my friend loves the stability and ingenuity of the Tailfin pannier set-up. Now they’ve designed a replacement for the popular endurance-style tailpack. The Tailfin Aeropack starts its Kickstarter campaign today.


Aeropack. Like a tailpack, but more stable. Fits to any bike, even if you have a dropper post.



The AeroPack family is comprised of three different models to suit whichever type of riding you do: road, gravel or mountain bike. Each model shares a 20-litre waterproof roll-top pack with a built-in lightweight rigid backbone and all offer the same benefits: incredible ride quality, intuitive user experience, unsurpassed bike compatibility, and a significant aerodynamic advantage over traditional seat packs.


The models differ from each other in the way they attach to the bike. The three products available at launch are:
  • The AeroPack Carbon
  • The AeroPack Alloy
  • The AeroPack Trunk


The AeroPack Carbon and the Aeropack Alloy offer a radical design, both consisting of an integrated bag and rack system, in which the rack is permanently connected to the bag for improved weight reduction. They feature specially-designed parabolic arches that strip out the ability to attach side panniers for improved weight reduction. The AeroPack Carbon’s rack body is made from carbon fibre, while the AeroPack Alloy is constructed from 6061-T6 aluminium.


The AeroPack Trunk consists of a bag only, which mounts securely to Tailfin’s original T1 carbon pannier rack, positioning the bag directly behind the rider, and is a great option for existing owners of the T1.

Tailfin AeroPack line-up specification



The AeroPack has been designed to solve the problems that traditional ‘soft-bag’ seat packs suffer from, such as compromised ride quality; time-consuming and challenging to pack and then access your goods; fiddly attachment systems; and compatibility issues with dropper posts, smaller bike frames and low saddle heights. In comparison, the AeroPack offers the following benefits:


  • Stability and ride quality


Tailfin AeroPacks are attached to your bike via a rigid structure and engineered pivots, joints and connectors. This eradicates the ‘tail-wag’ that plagues many seat pack systems, ensuring your gear is held solidly in place, especially when climbing out of the saddle or descending at high speed, offering a confidence-inspiring ride quality.


Adventure calls. If you need to pack more than an inner tube and pump, but you still want your bike to handle well then Tailfin believe they have the solution.



  • Compatibility: fits any bike


The AeroPack takes Tailfin’s T1 axle mounting expertise and builds on it. Depending on the model it can virtually any bike, be it road, gravel, mtb, fat bike or full suspension bike, with rim or disc brakes, and with or without dropper post. The Tailfin Axle, which contains the lower mounting points, replaces either QR or thru axles. It’s designed to work with even the newest standards including boost or even super-boost spacing. The AeroPack is the definition of ‘standard agnostic’.


Road bikes, Mountain bikes, and anything in between. The Tailfin racks can be swapped over between your different N+1’s.



  • Speed: less power to go the same speed


All three products in the AeroPack line-up sit directly behind the rider, nearly completely sheltered from the wind. This allows the AeroPack to deliver aerodynamic performance that gives nothing away to traditional seat packs, and gives you a significant advantage over traditional side-mounted panniers.


Additionally the AeroPack contains Twin Stacking Straps that allow extra gear to be stacked on top of the pack in the wind shadow of the rider. From the wind tunnel tests, moving a 9L bar bag from the front of the bike to the top of the AeroPack saved around 10-20 watts of power (36kmh at zero yaw).


Tailfin Excel
The prototype of the Aeropack, seen at Excel in February. This is the Trunk version that fits onto the original T1 rack.



  • Usability: features to reduce hassle and create delight


Every product in the AeroPack family has been designed to be quick-release and can be attached to a bike in a matter of seconds without tools, saving precious time at the start or end of a ride. The bag is high-frequency welded (not sewn) and therefore completely waterproof. Uniquely, it has a wide-mouthed roll-top opening that runs lengthways across the top of the pack. It’s easy to pack, unpack or organise your belongings, especially when it’s mounted to the bike.


Tested in real life situations and on a test rig. Tailfin are taking no chances with their products.



Although it’s designed for wild adventures, Tailfin appreciates that, by sizing the AeroPack to fit a 13″ laptop, it can be used in the city just as easily. Finally, there are twin light mounts and dual-sided pockets, making it easy to access small items easily.


The Tailfin Aeropack can be used with the original T1 rack and panniers for even more load space.



Kickstarter Page


Tailfin Website


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