KNOG PWR Trail bike light Preview

KNOG PWR Trail bike light Preview


KNOG PWR Trail bike light Preview


Simon Tuck


KNOG PWR Trail bike light is a modular light kit consisting of a mount, a 5000mAh power bank and a 1000 lumen lighthead.


The KNOG PWR Trail bike light will be a useful addition to my bike now the nights are drawing in, but that’s not the main reason I’ve got it. I’m riding the Revolve24 24 hour event soon. This time of year there’s 11 hours between sunset and sunrise so I need lots of light, as well as a means of charging my Garmin. The PWR range should take care of that for me.


KNOG PWR Trail light
I’ll be riding round Brands Hatch for 24 hours (ish) so I need lots of light, and I can charge my Garmin too.


The idea of a modular light is that you can either buy a kit or buy the separate parts, then add other modules for different types of riding. In my case, we added an extra PWR medium 5000mAh power bank. This means I can have one power bank charging whilst I use the other, or use one to power the light and the other to charge my Garmin. There’s plans to introduce a lantern, music player, dock and headtorch that all run off the PWR modular system.


KNOG PWR Trail light 1
What’s in the box of the KNOG PWR Trail light. Mount, small bar gimbal shim adapter, battery cap, power bank, light head, USB leads, Instructions.


In the box of the KNOG PWR Trail light there was two different USB leads. In the Trail package you get a 5000mAh power bank and a 1000 lumen lighthead. The power bank comes with a cap to protect it when it has no lighthead fitted. The lighthead can be plugged into your PC and you can reconfigure the light modes with the downloadable Modemaker app. You also get a mount that can be positioned over or under the bars and is offset to allow you to place it centrally. The mount comes with a gimbal shim for smaller diameter bars.


KNOG PWR Trail light 2
The lighthead fits into the two bigger ports on the power bank. The mini usb port is for charging it.


The lighthead can be taken off for charging the power bank, or to swap over with a different lighthead or power bank. You have to press a button on the side of the power bank to release the lighthead. There’s a 4 led fuel gauge on the side of the power bank to indicate how much battery is left.


KNOG PWR Trail light 4
The 4 leds show you the battery level


The light is turned on and off by twisting the light head. You can then cycle through the modes by further twisting it. Cutouts on the side of the lighthead provide good side visibility. Although the light is 1000 lumens, a simple twist takes it down to 550 lumens then 80 lumens (which should be good for 21 hours on a full battery!) before going through the flashing and pulsing modes.


KNOG PWR Trail light 5
The QR mount can go next to your stem, or anywhere along your bar. The offset allows you to mount it centrally and it goes under or over your bar.


The nights are drawing in now, and having recently moved I’ve discovered that it gets a lot darker under the tree covered and hedged-in roads of Sussex than it did on the vast open spaces of Cambridgeshire. My lighting requirements have changed and I do require a light that will pick out potholes at speed rather than a be-seen light. You should think about your riding and whether it’s changed since last Winter. You might need different lights too. With the KNOG PWR modular system it could be as easy as just buying a new lighthead, or a new power bank to suit any changes. I’ll let you know how I get on with the lights with my training and the 24 hour event I’ve got coming up.


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