Fickaskap Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet Review

Fickaskap Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet Review


Fickaskap Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet Review


Robert Matusek


Review of the Fickaskap Phone and Valuables Wallet.


The marketplace of waterproof phone and valuable wallets is fairly sizeable. Thus, entering and gaining foothold in this market territory is not only challenging but also mandates to make a product that stands out either by its features or price proposition.


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When I spoke with the inventor of Chester based Fickaskap, Neil Balcombe, his enthusiasm for the product was very evident. He spends plenty of time outdoors – the best place to attain creative ideas. So, this is another product that came about based on first-hand travelling and adventuring experiences. His question remained to be answered was: “why isn’t there already something that best suits this purpose?”.


The Fickaskap wallet is inspired by Scandinavian design, brought to life in the UK. It is supposed to keep the phone and valuables safe and dry. Under optimal dry conditions, it wasn’t a challenge. The temperatures during the test period never went beyond 35 centigrade that theoretically might damage electronics in a closed wallet. The first real test Fickaskap had to prove its worth were in subsequent rainy days.


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My commute rides don’t last longer than 1 hour so Fickaskap wasn’t challenged beyond measure. When it came to crunch time, meaning pouring rain while on long training rides (8 plus hours) I started to have concerns whether Fickaskap would withstand the elements. Fickaskap claims it is watertight for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1m.


The stylish Fickaskap’s unique dual-pocket design, where I could store my phone separated from all the other valuables without any scratching, kept its promise. Despite being fully loaded with other electronics too, secondary battery for GPS as well as a miniscule clip-mp3-player. There was no detectable water ingress.


Certainly, off-road conditions present a different obstacle. Mostly mud, but where we were racing there was also this thick dust that threatened to get into the wallet. The only thing I needed to do once finished with the ride: wipe clean and, in case its dirty, rinse under a tap. Its sturdiness is mainly due to being manufactured from 100% Nylon material with Rip-Stop. Conveniently its phone’s touchscreen functionality isn’t limited. The durable and high quality TPU film window allows just that. Albeit, I don’t tap my phone while riding, however I needed to adjust my MP3 player at times, and that was hassle free.


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The Fickaskap’s smaller brother features the same properties. Hence the small one is suitable for smaller sized phones and, in case you don’t want to carry as much unnecessary stuff. Frankly, I came to love the bigger one, as for example a wrongly forecasted rain hits me hard and I am in need to protect not only my phone but basically everything that can be damaged, I am very well prepared for this scenario.


Fickaskap’s structure is twist-free enough to prevent credit card bending. For sure the wallet isn’t limited for cycling only. The product is awesome for any kind of outdoor activity. Funnily I used it a couple of times for indoor training as well, since it’s greatly sweat-proof.



The trade-off of all this protection is a slightly tough opening. The wallet itself has a stiff, press seal and snap seal. So, you need to get to use to this. But it becomes second nature within time. Fickaskap became my everyday – omnipresent companion. Its ‘civil’ design doesn’t prevent me to use it in everyday and business life. The only task I need to do is to clean it after a dusty, rainy and muddy race and training. Wholeheartedly endorsable wallet which promises to have a long, even though tough life.


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