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Thursday, February 23rd, 2017


Adidas Zonyk Pro Glasses Preview


Josh Ross


A preview of the Adidas Zonyk Pro Glasses.


Josh will be trying out Adidas’ Zonyk Pro Glasses over the coming months. Will they be able to replace his firm favourites, the Smith Arenas? With a foam sweat pad, adjustable temples and nose bridge, comfort looks to be good. An easily changeable polycarbonate lens will protect your eyes from wind, sun and the odd bug.


The Adidas Zonyk Pro Glasses

The Adidas Zonyk Pro Glasses


I don’t typically write preview articles when I start testing new products. But every now and then, something special comes through the door, and I can’t wait to share it. I’m a huge fan of the Smith Arena Max Glasses that I reviewed back in July of 2016. There has been nothing else on the market that captured my interest when compared to the Smith glasses, until Adidas released their new Zonyk Pro glasses.


I’m going to be taking a look at the Zonyk Pro in Coal with lenses that sport both LST technology and are Vario Tuned. What that means is the lenses are an amber color designed to enhance contrast as well as being photochromic. The LST technology brings with it the promise of being able to enhance pavement irregularities, and although I’ve previously discussed the drawbacks of photochromic lenses, Adidas promises better performance. It’s a claim I look forward to testing.


Beyond the lenses, though, the feature I am most excited to test is the integrated sweat bar. If there was any one drawback, in every pair of cycling glasses I’ve ever tried, that I both wished to have addressed, and at the same time didn’t think could be addressed, it would be sweat dripping off the helmet and into your eyes. Adidas has addressed it in a unique way, and my hope is that I’ll be following up with an article discussing how well it works. While I’m testing the claims for you, take a look at all the features that these high performance, smartly designed, 35 gram glasses offer on the Adidas website.




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